Kids Fireman CostumeKids’ fireman costumes are a great way to ignite the imagination of kids of all ages. A large majority of kids love to dress up. As parents we can help to encourage that imagination and excitement by providing kids with costumes that ignite their imagination as well as reinforce the concept of real-life heroes. Parents can take the opportunity to teach their kids about fire safety as well as the importance of our community heroes through the use of costumes that help kids transform themselves and take them into another world. Kid’s fireman costumes have many uses including dressing up for Halloween, dressing up around the house, community festivals, birthday parties and photographic opportunities.



Firefighter Tan Child Costume

Kids Fireman Costume TanTo many kids, firefighters are among the bravest heroes in the world. Dressing up like a firefighter is not only perfect for a Halloween costume for kids of all ages, but also makes the perfect outfit for the dress up bin for your child. Your little firefighter’s pretend play suddenly becomes real when he slips on the Firefighter Tan Child Costume. While he’s putting out pretend fires and rescuing kitties from trees, he’ll be dressed just like his real life professional counterparts. This complete costume is a mini replica of what the real life heroes wear. Complete with a tan jacket adorned with yellow and silver reflective trim and pants with elastic straps, your child will be thrilled to look just like a real firefighter. Closing with black buckles as well as a zipper, the jacket will fit securely to your child. Of course, no firefighter costume is complete without the black fireman hat that makes his costume as real as if he was going to go put fires out himself.

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This kids’ costume is not only perfect for him to play dress up and role play, but is also the perfect outfit to wear on visits to the firehouse. Imagine how excited he will be to wear this suit while sitting in the front seat of a real fire truck! Also imagine how excited you will be at the fantastic photo opportunity that this will create.

This costume is a great way to teach kids about real-life professions as well as a great opportunity to incorporate role play into your lessons. When you give your child a kids’ firefighter costume, you are giving him more than just a costume, you are giving him a chance to learn more about an everyday hero. You can use this kids’ fireman costume to take the opportunity to talk to him about emergencies, fires and safety. A great way to slowly work in important conversations, kids will love to instantly reenact the things you just taught them, making it even more real for them and sticking with them for a longer period of time.

Capitalize on children’s love for everything firefighter with this great kids’ fireman costume. A great Halloween costume that never goes out of style, the kids’ firefighter costume also makes the perfect addition to your child’s dress up bin. Encouraging hours of pretend play, the fireman costume is an absolute must for any child that has a love for real-life heroes.


Kids’ Jr. Firefighter Suit with Helmet


There’s no better hero for your children to have than a real life hero. Firefighters represent bravery and community involvement more than any other hero that your child could look up to. Whether you are starting to think about Halloween costumes or need a costume to add to your child’s dress-up collection, the Jr. Firefighter Suit with Helmet Kids’ Costume is the perfect choice. This authentic costume will not only have your child looking the part of a fireman but also give him hours of great role playing.

This kids’ fireman costume includes a yellow fire suit jacket and matching bib overalls that will have him looking as authentic as a real firefighter. Complete with gauntlet cuffs that are a must-have on any fireman costume as well as buckle and zipper closure for a great fit whether he’s wearing this kids’ firefighter costume alone or as an outer layer on a cool Halloween night. The orange and reflective stripes on the jacket and pants make this costume easy to see, which makes it safe for trick-or-treating nights. The bib overalls offer the perfect fit for most any child with their adjustable straps. Complete with pockets and knee patches on the pants, these bib overalls were made to last through years of play. To make this costume even more authentic, it also includes an adjustable yellow firefighter hat.

A great way to encourage a love for community involvement and bravery, teaching your child about firefighters and all that they do is a great way to start your child on the path for success. Teaching your child about fire safety and community helpers is made more fun for your child when they can reenact situations as well as dress the part with this kids’ firefighter costume. Watch your child role play with different scenarios that you talk about or that he sees on his favorite television show. Dress up clothes offer an opportunity for kids to reenact real life scenes as well as new topics that are taught to children. Since children learn through play, offering them this fantastic opportunity to role play will help further their education immensely.

This great kids’ fireman costume makes a popular Halloween costume as well as a perfect addition to your child’s dress up collection. Allowing him to dress up as a real life hero brings a level of education as well as fun for your child. Giving your child the chance to dress up as a fire fighter is one of the best gifts you can give your child.

Kids Fireman Black Costume

Kids Fireman Black CostumePutting out fires and rescuing people in need is what your child will spend hours doing when he puts on the Firefighter Black Child Costume! As authentic as costumes come, this firefighter costume will make him look the part of a real firefighter. Complete with a black jacket and matching black pants with elastic straps, this costume will not only look adorable but fit securely so he’ll be comfortable while he plays. Finished off with authentic black buckles just like the real life heroes as well as yellow and silver reflective trim and a black helmet, if it weren’t for the smaller size of children, people would think your child is a real firefighter!

This is the perfect kids’ firefighter costume to add to your child’s dress up collection, allowing him to reenact scenarios he’s seen in his favorite TV shows or heard in the stories you read him. It’s also a perfect way for your child to act out safety topics he may have learned either from you or at school. Can you just picture him practicing, stop, drop and roll in this adorable costume? How about teaching him about the importance of 911 and what happens when we dial that number? The possibilities are endless as to how many hours and opportunities your child will have to play with this adorable kids’ fireman costume.

Aside from playing, imagine the delight your child would have if he could dress just like the real life firefighters and then go visit them at the firehouse! He could look just like his heroes and be with them at the same time. Sitting up in the front seat of a real fire truck, your child will be so excited to doing exactly what a firefighter does. This is another great way to instill a love for real life heroes and an interest in community involvement for your child.

Of course a firefighter costume is a classic Halloween costume that will never go out of style. This kids’ fireman costume is the perfect costume for chilly Halloween nights because there is plenty of room underneath to have a warm layer of clothing to keep your little hero nice and warm. Dressing your child up as a fireman is also a great way to get more for your money, grab this costume for Halloween and then keep it for dress up for years to come.

Whether you are on the hunt for a perfect Halloween costume or need a dress up costume for your little boy, the kids’ firefighter costume is a perfect choice. Not only an outfit to dress up in, a fireman costume has the opportunity to be educational and instill priceless values in your child as he plays.


Kids Fireman Costume Ideas


Dressing up for Halloween

The fireman is a tried and true kids’ costume that always has been a classic costume for Halloween. When you purchase a fireman costume for your child for Halloween, you are buying a costume that can be used again and again. This is a great way to truly get your money’s worth out of a costume. Whether you purchase the costume for your first child and pass it down to siblings in the family or even cousins or friends or you purchase it for Halloween and then add it to the dress up bin – it is sure to be a true hit in your home. The fireman costume will never go out of style, which is why choosing it for a Halloween costume is a great choice, giving your child many years of dress up opportunities.

One of the great things about wearing a fireman costume for Halloween is its ability to layer underneath it should you live in an area that Halloween tends to be a chilly evening. The kids’ fireman costume comes with baggy pants and a long jacket that can easily hide warm sweatshirts and pants underneath to keep your little hero warm without hiding his or her costume.

Perfect for boys or girls, the fireman costume is not gender specific. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, the fireman costume is perfect for the whole family. The fireman costume includes the pants, jacket, badges and fireman hat. You could easily add more accessories for your child to really feel like a community hero. Adding walkie talkies, rain boots or tool belts help your child really embrace the role of a fire fighter and increases the excitement of your child to have accessories that their real life heroes carry.

Dressing up at Home

A favorite past time for many kids is dressing up at home. When you provide the means for your kids to dress up at home, you are encouraging the growth of their imagination which will turn into a lifelong essential skill for your child. Imaginative play helps kids learn problem solving skills as well as how to play well with other children, all which will help them grow up to be responsible adults that can function well on their own as well as with others. When you provide your child with a costume that resembles real life heroes, you are also encouraging them to learn about our community heroes and their importance in our lives. Kids tend to learn better when the subject is presented to them in visual facts, which is exactly what happens when you allow kids to dress up. They can reenact scenes they might have seen in real life or have learned at school when the real life firemen came to visit and talk to them.

Kids of all ages are fascinated by the lights and sounds of fire trucks and it is typically one of the first trucks that babies and toddlers readily recognize. When you provide your child with a kids’ fireman costume at home, you open up a whole new world of imagination for them. Watch with amazement as your child suddenly begins putting out fires, rescuing kittens from trees and rescuing babies from burning buildings. You will get an appreciation of what your child learns on an everyday basis when he or she is provided with dress up clothes such as a fireman costume. Kids learn the most through play and when they dress up they feel uninhibited, as if they actually take on that role. You will be able to watch your child role play and revel in their learning.

Firemen Costumes at Community Festivals

If you live in a town that holds town festivals or parades, your local firefighters are sure to be a large part of the celebration. Firefighters are the town’s biggest heroes and kids love to dress up to look just like their real-life heroes. Parades for holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are the perfect place to allow your child to dress up as a fireman. He or she might even get to meet a real-life fireman and take a picture dressed just like him!

Other community events that make memorable places to wear a fireman costume include community Firehouse days where the kids are invited to take a tour of the firehouse and even climb on a real fire truck. Imagine how much higher your child’s excitement would be when he or she can dress just like a real firefighter and then climb aboard the fire engine! Mom and Dad would be just as excited because this makes a great photographic opportunity. Giving your child the ability to be just like a real-life hero is a true learning opportunity for your child.

Many communities also hold various other festivals that incorporate the local fire department, allowing the kids to climb aboard the fire truck, take a tour of the fire department, learning all about how the fire department works as well as its important role in our community. When your child shows up dressed up as a firefighter, the firefighters are sure to pay a little more attention to your child, teaching him or her essential facts about our community heroes. Giving your child this incredible education helps them to grow up admiring firefighters and possibly even wanting to grow up to be one themselves. When you give your child a real life hero to look up to, they have something to grasp onto as they navigate their way through childhood, helping them to stay on the straight and narrow path.

Firemen Birthday Parties

Today, the trend for kids’ birthday parties is themed parties. If your child has a love for all things a fire truck then a fireman birthday party is a natural choice. To make the party a truly unique memory, have all of the attendees dress up as firemen. You can include firemen games that include hose games, stop, drop and roll races and many more firemen related games. When you allow the guest of honor to dress up as the Fire Chief, he or she will truly love his birthday party, making it one to remember for many years to come. To make the party truly memorable you could even ask a local fireman to come to the party and visit with the birthday child! Here is a video of a fireman themed birthday party, see how much fun the kids have.


Photographic Opportunities

If a member of your family is a firefighter, then your child is probably naturally excited about seeing firefighters, fire trucks and everything that goes along with them. Family members serve as natural role models for children and when you give your child the chance to dress up just like a loved family member, their excitement escalates even more. Kids’ fireman costumes are available in a wide variety of sizes, making it easy to dress up your baby all the way up to your pre-teen as a firefighter to look just like a family member. When you dress up your child in a kids fireman costume, you can take the opportunity to have professional photos taken at milestone ages and give them as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts; they make great surprises for the real-life firefighter in your life. You can also take pictures with your child and the real-life hero in your family to serve as lifelong memories for everyone in your family.