Kids love to dream and talk about what they want to be when they grow up, but there is no better way to help them discover those dreams than by dressing up in costumes. Occupation costumes for kids give them the ability to discover new occupations and really think about what that occupation does. Whether they dress up as a doctor, veterinarian, chef, policeman, fireman or many other occupations that they discover, they will definitely learn various things about the occupation as they play. Kids learn the best through play so by allowing them to dress up as real life counterparts of those that they see in real life is the best way to help them learn. Whether dressing up for Halloween, for dress up time at home or at school, kids will learn an amazing amount just by taking on a specific role of their favorite occupation.



Unleash your Child’s Gourmet Side with a Chef Costume


Occupation Costume For KidsIt is like a rite of passage as a child, every child loves to play with toy food and toy kitchens. Kids love to concoct their own delectable dishes and serve them to their siblings, friends or even mom and dad. If your child loves to play chef, you can ignite their excitement with a real chef costume. This perfect for dress-up costume comes complete with a white chef’s shirt just like kids see in the movie Ratatouille with red and white gingham print down the front with a button closure at the top shoulder, just like a real chef! To complete the top is a red and white gingham print tie that slips through the top of the shirt and of course the chef’s top hat with a billowing top and the word Chef printed across the top makes your little chef as authentic as possible.

In order to encourage your child to explore the world of a real chef, this child’s costume even comes with the many tools that chefs require to create their gourmet dishes. Your child will be delighted at the rolling pin, meat cleaver, pie cutter, and slotted ladle as well as the pan and strainer – everything your child needs to create great dishes. Allowing your child to role play as real life occupations that they see grown-ups doing is the perfect way to teach them about life and give them hopes and dreams about what they want to be when they grow up.

This chef costume is the perfect way to dress your child up for Halloween and then allow them to play with after Halloween for hours of fun. A chef is a great person to dress up as for school occupation days as well as for a unique costume in parades or community functions. If your child has a love for cooking, allowing him or her to dress up in this costume and help you prepare a real meal in the kitchen. It is never too early to start teaching children about real life and in the kitchen there are many lessons that can be taught including math, reading and science.


Let your Child Deliver Letters in the Cutest Mailman Costume


Occupation Costumes For KidsThere is something exciting about the mailman that kids of all ages love. The way that children’s eyes light up when they see the mailman coming to their own house or driving the mail truck down the street is something to be remembered. If your child loves the mailman, now you can let him be his very own mailman with the kid’s mailman costume. This adorable costume is an exact replica of the real-life mailman with the dark blue pants that mailmen are known for as well as the light blue, button down shirt complete with a fold-over collar, United States Postal Service logo and a white wide rimmed hat to protect him from the elements of the weather. Your little mailman can even deliver his own little notes to you with his very own included blue mailbag adorned with red and white stripes and the same United States Postal Service logo.

Real-life occupations make perfect costumes for children. More than just a costume to wear for Halloween, occupational costumes allow children to learn more about what happens in the real world, how grownups make a living as well as things that kids can do when they grow up. Occupational toddler’s costumes are a great learning experience. It gives parents a chance to teach children about mailmen and what they do by letting children reenact the scenarios that parents talk about. Mailmen are also portrayed in many children’s cartoons, which gives kids a chance to reenact the scenes they see – adding even more value into the costume and TV time.

Dressing up for Halloween is great fun, but to have a costume that can be worn for role playing and dress up time after Halloween is even better. The mailman costume is not a trendy costume or one that will go out of style anytime soon, making it a great choice for parents to purchase for kids to wear for Halloween and then years afterwards for playing and even for special school days or community parades. Giving your child the chance to explore his talents as well as learn more about our community and what makes it work is the best way to start the love of learning in your child as well as instilling high hopes and dreams for a bright and successful future.


Cheer on your Favorite Team with the Junior Cheerleader Costume

Occupation Costumes For KidsThere are so many opportunities for little girls to wear a junior cheerleader costume. Whether she loves to cheer and wants to dress up as a cheerleader for Halloween or she just loves to play cheerleader, this great cheerleader costume is a perfect choice. This red, white and blue sleeveless jumper with a pleated skirt is the perfect patriotic colors to use this costume for many different holidays. The included matching shorts for underneath the dress, matching hair tie to give your little cheerleader the mandatory cheerleader ponytail and the red, white and blue pom poms are all your little girl needs to be the cutest cheerleader around. All you need to add to this costume is short white socks, white shoes and a turtleneck if the weather requires it.

Every little girl loves to dress up for a variety of reasons, making it important to have a variety of costumes around the house. Some costumes are typically reserved only for dress-up but this adorable cheerleader costume can be used for a wide variety of events, making it a great costume to have around. If your little girl is going to be involved in or attend a parade for a patriotic holiday, this cheerleader costume cannot be beat. The perfect way to walk down the parade route cheering on the crowds, this costume is sure to win the hearts of everyone that sees her whether on Memorial Day or the Fourth of July – it is sure to be a hit. Other great uses for this child’s costume include cheering on various siblings’ games whether football, basketball or baseball – everyone needs their own cheerleader!

Little girls love to mimic the things they see on TV and if you have a sports minded family, she has probably seen cheerleaders on TV dancing and cheering for her favorite team. Your child too can be a cheerleader, practicing her moves and cheering along the sidelines at home for her favorite team. This junior cheerleader costume turns any ordinary little girl into a rock star cheerleader ready to cheer on her favorite team.


Allowing your kids to dress up as their favorite occupation is a great way to instill a love of learning in kids. If your kids dreams of being a doctor or a policeman, it is to their benefit to provide them with occupation costumes for kids that really lets them take on that role. You can watch with delight as your doctor or policeman helps those in need, instilling a compassion for others as well as a sense of community in your child all through the simple idea of play.